Monday, 2 April 2018

Industrial Microbiology: HEALTH-CARE PRODUCTS

The development and production of diagnostic assays that utilize monoclonal antibody or DNA probe technology are essential in the manufacture of health-care products such as rapid tests for strep throat, pregnancy, and AIDS. Microorganisms are also used to produce human or animal biologicals such as insulin, growth hormone, antibodies, and components for cosmetics. The industrial microbiologist/biotechnologist may screen new microbial sources (e.g., marine or cave-dwelling microorganisms) for their ability to produce new pharmaceuticals or develop new diagnostic assays.

Microbial healthcare products have now gained huge application in both primary and sec-
ondary human healthcare systems irrespective of whether people are living in underdevel-
oped or developed countries. In the primary healthcare system, microbial products can play
a role in immunization, prevention of locally endemic diseases, treatment of common dis-
eases, and others, whereas their use and application is fully warranted in secondary health-
care systems for more organized treatment in hospitals for complicated infectious diseases
and in chemotherapy.

Microorganisms have been utilized by human beings for centuries in view of their biochemical features and for the production of healthcare products. This can still be regarded as a very early phase of biotechnology, with the best possible economic use of microorganisms in food and allied industries.
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